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A more Franco-Celtic pronunciation is often written as Kévin, while a consciously Anglo-American pronunciation is written without the accent.

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"It's almost 7yrs total of me not being with my Ex," he continued."I guess giving a woman over 20k a month and still being there for her and being an incredible father isn't enough!, Scottish Gaelic: Caomhainn, Latin: Coemgenus) is a male first name of Gaelic origin.Among the earliest famous bearers of the name were Saints Kevin of Glendalough and Caomhán of Inisheer.Everyone welcomed me, and Doug Ellin just really made it feel like home on set for me.

It never felt uncomfortable." PHOTOS: Costar couples There was, however, one particularly awkward moment on set.

"He knows she's the right girl." On a mobile device?

costar Sabina Gadecki, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

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Caoimhghín derives from the Irish caomh (Old Irish cóem) "kind, honest, handsome" and -gin (Old Irish gein) "birth".