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He has also won a Gold medal in the 2008 Olympics men’s singles including a record of winning 20 ATP world 1000 tournaments.

He has the record of winning all the four Grand Slam by being the youngest and only the seventh player in the history to achieve this feat.

Rafael Nadal is a famous former world number 1 tennis professional.

Nadal has spent so many years battling other ailments, primarily with his knees, and only he dwells more on how hard his injury was to take.Last year, he volunteered that he'd grown tired of playing in pain, and he was not enjoying tennis as much."Are you pain-free here?I'm not a person who makes decisions like this," he says, snapping his fingers.While Federer looked at one of his doctors who almost sheepishly suggested he take a three-month break last year to mend, the Swiss replied, "What if I gave you six months? He tried to bull his way through the French Open but had to withdraw because of his wrist. He volunteered that Nadal has lost some confidence.Rafael Nadal net worth came from his salary as a one of the greatest tennis player in the world as well as from the prize money that he won amounting to million.

Rafa is a very rich person due the enormous amount of money he has made as tennis prize money and by signing lucrative endorsement deals.Though Toni Nadal originally insisted, perhaps to quiet the tittering, that it was his idea to bring on Moya, after Moya wasn't retained by Milos Raonic, Rafael Nadal has suggested otherwise.He said here in Melbourne that he felt he needed to discuss Moya's addition with his uncle because, "I will never take a decision like this if Toni is not happy."It was yet more proof that some soul-searching has been going on, and Nadal is looking for something to put some buzz back in everything.A tinge of weariness leaks into Nadal's remarks now, as if he can feel all the miles, workouts and flights unfurling behind him.Both men had surgery last year: Nadal on his left wrist; Federer (for the first time ever) on his knee.Nadal struck the ball well and later declared his wrist problems "are in the past." He played with his usual scowl and look of vise-grip concentration in his eyes as he lined up each ball and violently flung himself into each groundstroke, the same as he always has.