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When I really respect someone and have a crush on them it doesn’t mean I’m attracted to them. Then I saw that she’d posted some photos of her in front of a green screen. Hit me.” She’s a dope person and she’s obviously talented.

Somaya Reece decided to change her life and began her journey to great accomplishments.Find out a little more by visiting her twitter page...Now we have seven products and I am the sole owner and creator. I started the company with 0 and it grew into a multi-million dollar brand in six months.So when I conquered that I was like okay now I have money to invest in my music.Prior to unveiling her myspace page, in spite of her harsh upbringing, Somaya Reece accomplished an impressive and extensive resume. Somaya Reece grew up in a garage to an immigrant Latino family cleaning houses as a maid with her mother.

Refusing to be another statistic living “La Vida Loca” in gangs, jail, experiencing several wounded and deadly gang related death scares.

I was homeless but hopeful, I was broke but driven. I have 2 TV shows airing TONIGHT -- 1 in Latin America and 1 in America!

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So I felt if I could take control of my brand, then in could reemerge with my new music under my own label.

So this is something you guys are getting an exclusive on, I will be launching my own label, La Rosa Records, because I am the rose that grew from concrete. This time I’m coming back as a real boss, I cut the checks.

I wanted to establish myself as somebody that is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and someone that cares about the community.