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In December news ratings, WESH-Channel 2 pulled ahead at 6 a.m.

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It’s funny for about three pictures, then you start to worry about nightmares. If they ever invent time travel, I’m going to go watch that hit happen. I wrote a screenplay a long time ago, set in Pittsburgh, about a national anthem singer.

It wasn’t until I went to, I think, the Mickey Mouse Club where I was first able to, I felt, Then click here to see an amazing tribute to that hit done in comic book format.

Lost in overtime to the Soul, but not before fighting back to tie it in the last second.

I’ll be the curly-haired, straightjacket-clad chick first in line muttering about “Bongos. Make the bongos stop, for the love of Nutella.” If I ask for white chocolate drizzle, will they honor that or kick the crazy lady clutching fistfuls of hair out of the store? Another person who loves disabled kids is Pittsburgh native Sean Casey who along with his wife Mandi of Casey’s Clubhouse, and Bob Nutting, broke ground for a special Miracle League baseball field that will be accessible to children with disabilites to allow them to come to love playing baseball. Speaking of coaches, meet the Pahr coach Chris Siegfried: From the Pahr’s facebook page: Very nice indeed. He’s tasked with keeping motivated and competitive a team of men who earn only 0 per game. He also recognizes what Pittsburgh is: Gotta say, it was a pretty good product. I seriously need to put together a “24 Most Beautiful Pittsburghers Calendar” and sell it for charity.

Our TV stations fulfilled their public service in devoting long hours to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

To the stations: Thank you for your dedication to the news and your readiness to... With a group hug, the staff at Fox 35 on Friday said farewell to "Good Day Orlando" anchor John Brown after five years. Louis after a death in the family and go back to his former station, he told viewers. In the May TV ratings for Orlando, WFTV-Channel 9 was the big winner, WKMG-Channel 6 was the main gainer, and the NBA made a major splash in prime time. My new friend at Make-A-Wish, Dana, informed me that Pittsburgh Popcorn Company’s downtown store is featuring Hazelnut Nutella popcorn the week of June 17-23. I particularly love sick kids or disabled kids because, what a hand they’ve been dealt, right? Clair Community and Recreation Center in Boyce Mayview Park. I know many of my twitter friends have been attending the games regularly. I could Google that, but I’m too busy dancing to which is now playing in my brain. It was like hockey mixed with football, with players flipping opponents over the cushioned wall, behind which stood the team, personnel, and coaches. I wonder how long we’re going to care about the new Pittsburgh arena football team Pittsburgh Power, owned by former Steeler Lynn Swann, which has their inaugural game tomorrow night at CONSOL Energy Center. My husband is once again whipping out exclamatory punctuation that he can watch some form of professional football in the spring and summer. From a completely superficial, non-sports blog, standpoint, here’s what I’ve got my eye on with the Pittsburgh Power: 1. The problem with me being so wrapped up in those who I shall not discuss (Sigh. According to reader Tracy, with their recent win, they’re now in first place in the American Conference East Division. You ain’t ready for that jelly because it’s business in the front, party in the back, and fuzzy on the upper lip. Finally, a new flash mob hit Market Square today, this one for Pride Week and it is rainbowtastic. Always doing something to climb up a notch on my list. Also, balls could be caught on the rebound, which was unexpected. My husband was hyper-excited with exclamation points for football during the off-season. The two I remember were that there was no such thing as a fair catch, meaning, prepare your teeth to fall out Tom and Jerry style if you’re the punt returner, and the rule that you could get any name you wished on your jersey. Which gave birth to “He Hate Me.” I think we cared about the XFL for about 30 minutes. UPDATED AND REVISED: With help from the NFL and "America's Got Talent," NBC affiliate WESH-Channel 2 won prime time as well as 11 p.m. WESH triumphed in both contests by wide margins in August, thanks to the...In a sweeping overhaul, Fox-owned WOFL-Channel 35 will revamp its anchor lineup starting Oct. Bob Frier will move from evenings to mornings, Lu Anne Sorrell will shift to nights, and Sonni Abatta will leave the station, WOFL announced Wednesday. TV news is a coming-and-going business, and some keep coming back. The Rio Olympics gave NBC affiliate WESH-Channel 2 a tremendous lift in the August ratings. He’s truly hit the big time with his major label debut Rolling Papers. Then I’m going to go back to when Satan was inventing the Check Engine Light and I’m going to throat punch that bastard. I’m thinking maybe they don’t know what the word “throwback” means?