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Vincent’s (and Francis’) point, of course, is that over the years there occurs a refinement, maturation, and ripening of Christian doctrine. ” But, just here, the theologian of Lérins poses a crucial question, “ Who is Timothy today?Throughout his work, however, Vincent ardently insists that “development” can never mean a substantial transformation, a change in the very essence of a church teaching. Any development, however, must be in fundamental continuity with the prior doctrinal tradition, particularly those landmark issues settled by ecumenical councils. ” Who is ensuring that any development is a homogeneous and organic advance and not a corrosive alteration of Christianity?Lacking a conciliar decision, then a consensus”indeed a council”of learned and holy theological doctors is needed.

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The theologian of Lérins very carefully balances growth and preservation. Vincent argues that any doctrinal growth must be warranted by the entire Church, under the Holy Spirit.

He insists that Scripture itself is perfectly capable of settling every question; unfortunately, however, heretics obscure the Bible with their deceitful misinterpretations.

Allow me to start with the pope’s invocation of the early fifth-century church father, St. Vincent’s work has long been prominent in various sectors of Christian theology. Vincent was cited by Vatican I, but his writings were overlooked by Vatican II and have not generally been featured by the magisterium or theologians in recent years.

One reason for this neglect is that Vincent has often been taken as a strict preservationist.

Congar rarely hit a false theological note, but, on this point, he badly misread the score.

As Pope Francis points out, Vincent is not simply interested in preservation (although the monk of Lérins is a great defender of the apostolic tradition, endlessly citing St.

In some cases he was never charged; in others, he was cleared.