Word links not updating

is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Word training.(Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) This tip (6115) applies to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.Within the past two weeks we have lost the ability to update mutiple links at one time by going into the links window in Word.

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Customer Name on top, name automatically reflected on on signature line) to another location. I do have "Update automatic links at open" checked.

I use Office pro 2010 with Word version 14.0.7515.1000 (32-bit)With word document even if I put all my links in manual and I deselect "update automatic link at open" word check all links (without updating them) when I open a document.

I have the setting on automatic but I still have to go in and left click and select update link on all tables that are linked over.

How do I get them to continue to update automatically?

Is this a known problem and/or is there a fix for this?

You already know that Word allows you to include many different elements in your documents, such as pieces of Excel worksheets, sounds, graphics, and other objects.You can automatically update both fields and links when you print a document, but Word treats the two items differently when you are opening a file.Word provides a way to always update your links when opening a document.If I ctrl a then F9, every link will then update, but I need it to do so upon load. Answer from 2006: Once the document is loaded, the links will not update. You could create a macro that updates when you run it, which in theory is no different than what you're already doing.You can also update before printing if you wish by going to Tools, Options, Print, Printing Options, Update Fields, Update Links. I have Word 2010 linked to numerous Excel tables, and it does the same thing, the only way to get it to update automatically is Ctrl-a, then hit F9. What's the purpose of selecting automatically update and the Update links upon opening document preference if it doesn't work and you end up having to manually update the links by ctrl-1 F9???Stephanie wondered if there is a way in Word to force the updating of all fields and links in a document when either opening or saving (closing) the file.