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A few large plants make a space seem bigger while lots of small ones make it feel crowded.There are many small trees such as crab apples, maples and cherries that the smallest garden will accommodate and every garden can include height, especially with tall herbaceous plants and grasses that can be cut back hard in winter or spring so they do not become overly dominant.Every inch of wall or fence should be exploited with greenery and flowers.

I know of large gardens that are rather empty and tiny ones that are fascinating and deeply satisfying to be in.

And elements can be taken from any plot, of any shape or size, and applied to our own.

What was fascinating was not so much their planting scheme, but the way they were surrendering their own spaces.

This was a truly private refuge that she did not have to share with anyone else.

It might be a plant combination, the way a set of steps are made or a climber trained.

Last summer, I visited a couple of neighbours who had decided to merge their front gardens into one.The moral of the story is to make your back garden, however tiny, into your own delightful haven.I hope these pages will help you to achieve just that.The entire garden can be filled with plants with only a narrow path providing access and a small space just big enough for a couple of seats and a little table so that you sit surrounded by colour and fragrance.Any outsized object or plant can look perfectly at home in a tiny space as long as you are ruthlessly selective about it. No garden is so small that it cannot be divided into smaller spaces.So if your garden gets very little light and is in shade for most of the day, make a virtue of that and specialise in plants that delight in these conditions.