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The spoiled little brats wind up believing the world owes them something - and when they try to take it, they wind up in prison. There's another aspect to this: The guy who raises another man's child is a cuckhold. all you spineless guys who want to be cuckholds, raise your hand. It sounds like your ex has issues and you are better off without him. I read lots of replies on here from guys who also would. havne't been in that particular situation, but my son's mom ran off with the donut baker while she was pregnant and they are still together... there were tough times dealing with the step and her step dad as well, but we all got through it and once they figured out that i wouldn't go away... :) Life is full of trouble, and challenge, so this would be no different.. He might sue later on for visitation rights, and try to get re-involved with the mother, or just try and split us up.

Face it - the role model for success in the world is distinctly male, and kids without dads are starting out limited to half an education. Would I date someone who was knocked up by another guy? If he doesnt want anything to do with your son I think you will find that easier than trying to work out visitation etc. I think he should support the child financially either way though since it is his baby. After she got pregnant he moved in with her and has been with her ever since. I agree with the comment about children just being part of the package and not baggage. If the personality is there, all else would take care of itslef in time. I kinda summed it up in my answer to the first question.

That was a weird situation, and didn't cause anybody to think ill of her because they knew what type of person she was before.

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Over half of all black babies and more than 40% of whites are now born to mommy-only homes. Seriously people date people with kids all the time so what difference does it make if the kid is still on the way?That means the kids get lots of lessons on how to "feel" but not much on how to "think" or "do". Trouble finds me often enough - I don't need to buy it by the pound. no wait, lady, put your hand down, you don't count on this one. Jennifer: You are in a tough spot for sure but do not lose heart.It's a matter of personal experience (or in some cases, blatant racism).There are two many variables to really be able to give you a good solid answer.Kurt A woman who gets knocked up before she's established where the baby is going to go is like a bird that lays eggs without first building a nest. Much of the time when the "sperm donor" decides to "up and leave" it's because the wh*** has driven him off. It's just a much longer, scenic route than someone who isn't pregnant or having recent newborns.

She figures she can get the government to bleed the guy for money, so why bother to try to work things out? He's never gonna have kids of his own, and he's not sure what a "cuckhold" is, but he thinks he'd like to be one. Now, seriously guys - a show of hands of all you guys who said you would date a knocked up woman, but we're just lying because you thought it made you look "cool" or "politically correct"... :)Yes I would date a pregnant woman if I liked her. I don't see any benefits or pitfalls other that the hormonal issue.

The only case that was any different was this one girl in my school.

She was always a "good girl", lost her virginity in like 11th grade, and got pregnant the first time (supposedly).

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I have never looked at "Children" as being "Baggage."I dated a woman that had 5 kids. Baggage means hardships that makes your "Relationship" with her rocky.