Wow armory character not updating hwangbo and kim hyun joong

The last time it took about a week to hear back from Mike before he agreed to a meeting, so I’m being patient. Many voted for new models, but it became clear that it was coming from a “nice to have” perspective with only one or two saying they would not play vanilla Wo W if the models were not updated.

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We’ve made a number of bug fixes and UI improvements to make navigating the app even easier, and we plan to continue to improve the app and integrate additional Armory functionality in the future.You can download the updated World of Warcraft Remote app for free now from Android Marketplace.What you might not know is that at the same time, we also made a number of updates to the World of Warcraft Remote app -- formerly known as the World of Warcraft Remote Auction House app -- to add a number of features that Android users have been requesting for a while.In addition to the new Remote Guild Chat feature and the existing Remote Auction House functions, the World of Warcraft Remote app now allows Android users to access their character sheets and guild information, as well as search for characters, items, and guilds in the Armory database.Blizzard has far more resources than I do to make accurate surveys if they like.

My own informal twitter surveys are just there to draw out all the possible topics to discuss.With modern MMO convenience features, your UI starts to become the game.Instead of interacting with the immersive world around you, you are stuck staring at flat UI screen and clicking buttons.Nostalrius is waiting on a definitive date for their meeting, and I’m waiting on my date to be booked with Mike.I sent Mike a followup e-mail last Friday and one again today. The first question was about whether or not to update the character models in a legacy server to the new models: Current Wo W has new models for players and some have asked if these models could be included in Legacy Wo W. Comments indicated that many thought that new models would detract from the vanilla purity and point of having legacy servers.In addition to a “light” version of achievements and progress we maintain the ability to display all characters on the account.