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This XJ was offered in two wheelbases and five trim levels.The XJ8 and supercharged XJR are short-wheelbase models, while the XJ8 L, Vanden Plas and supercharged Super V8 have long wheelbases. The XJ8 and XJ8 L came with a respectable amount of equipment for a luxury sedan, while the Vanden Plas added more luxurious trappings.About the wildest thing to happen was the addition of square headlamps in 1990 -- and they were generally met with a smattering of jeers and "s!

The interior was also significantly revised to bring it into the 1990s, with improved materials and more up-to-date electronics.

The traditional look remained, however, with radio and HVAC controls contained in a pod under a large swath of wood.

There were a number of different engines offered during the second generation's lifespan.

The square-headlamp version came with a choice of either an inline-6 (3.6 liters and later 4.0) or a 6.0-liter V12.

All of that changed for 2011 when Jag pulled the covers off its radical fourth-generation XJ.

Gone was styling and in came sexy, modern duds inside and out unlike anything else on the road.Other than its modest power increase, few features additions and the for-2006-only Super V8 Portfolio, the only significant change you should note was for 2008, when the XJ was mildly restyled to adopt XK-style front fender vents and a more aggressive front fascia.You'd be hard-pressed to tell the differences at a glance, though.The interior, much like the rest of the car, was a peculiar mix of current technology and heritage design.Burl walnut trim, chrome and supple leather were liberally strewn about, providing a coddling environment that would make the Fifth Duke of Wellington feel at home.The first Jaguar XJ debuted in 1968 and lasted through 1987, while the second generation was on the prowl from 1987 (yes, both generations were offered that year) to 2003.