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In her younger years she is idealistic and willing to believe in true love, and the marriages formed by sane people during these years are the most enduring, as they have never compromised their idealism and emotion with bitterness.

Where man will tire of the arts of loving in the absence of love, woman will usually not, and will continue to give as she can, being more adept than man at accepting the finity of her lifespan and the inevitability of living decay.

Woman is like man except that where he is deductive, and posits responses to observed tendencies in the world, she is inductive and becomes these tendencies in a bettering form.

When the world is on fire and the devil coming up the pipes, it is woman not man who will lead the tribe to prevalence.

Women Let us take a moment to appreciate the beauty of woman.

In her non-plasticized state, she is a nurturing antidote to the mania of man for accomplishment of abstract ideas.

She does not deal in concepts of what might be, but in a practical bettering of what is; where a man looks to the horizon for his dreams, woman is busy examining what is in her hands and configuring it to be as pleasant as possible.

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