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Dioxin is a lethal substance that, once in your system, can take up to a decade to leave your body.Dioxin levels are 11 times higher in farmed fish than in wild fish. “Everyone took the picture…,” the audio recording ended.

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Do you really want to eat chicken poop on your fish?Because if you buy it from the store, you basically are.Thus, if omega 3 to omega 6 proportions are unbalanced, it gives adverse effects to our bodies.Did you know that chicken poop is one of the primary ingredients in ranch fish feed.The voice of a man in the video can be heard saying in Tamil: “Anne, see on top. It is still there.” A woman then describes the incident: “Not joke.

The picture of the UFO flying over Seremban bears a remarkable resemblance to a picture on the website Meanwhile, the picture of the ship coming through the clouds over Seremban also appears on the website Plus, the Persona is the first Proton to be offered with an ECO Driving Indicator.Like its predecessor, the new Persona is derived from a hatchback - the Iriz.As a result, it has slab-sided proportions mildly reminiscent of sedan variants of the previous-generation Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta.Design wise, the car's design will remind you of its Iriz origins, but Proton's chief designer Azlan Othman tells us that only the front door, front windscreen, side mirror, and front three quarter glass panels are interchangeable between the two vehicles., with the company’s privacy policy advising owners not to disclose “personal or other sensitive information [because] that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”Although Samsung quickly moved to quell fears by telling users that they could deactivate voice recognition or disconnect their TVs from their Wi-Fi network, the very fact that a such clause was inserted into the privacy policy in the first place should be disconcerting, if not downright frightening.