Www karach ke kotho kikahani

A very popular ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali, Chupke Chupke raat din... Hasrat Mohani participated in the struggle for Indian Independence (end of British Raj); and was jailed for many years by British authorities.

The basic principle of Aligarh Movement was to follow your religion with full faith and integrity and at the same time take part in the individual and community growth to live a better life.

Maulana Hasrat Mohani followed this principle in its entirety.

Not only India but the whole world was in a state of flux.

Hasrat Mohani Memorial Society was founded by Maulana Nusrat Mohani in 1951.

According to Akhtar Payami: Hasrat's poetic genius has been acclaimed by many writers and critics.

In the not too distant past (beginning and the first half of the 20th century), Hasrat, Jigar and Asghar formed a constellation of emerging poets in a crucial period of India's history.

Unhappy British establishment in the college had him rusticated.

Maulana fought back and got re-instated but was not allowed to live in hostel so he moved to a rented place in Rasal-Ganj area of Aligarh city. MAO College which was affiliated with University of Allahabad so he received a degree of BA from University of Allahabad.

In recognition for his efforts, he was made a member of the constituent assembly which drafted the Indian constitution.

But unlike other members, he never signed it since he saw hypocrisy towards Muslim minorities in it (he was a Muslim himself).

In 1899, he completed his High School from Government High School of Fatehpur with honors, was awarded a scholarship and joined Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College (MAO) Aligarh (now Aligarh Muslim University).