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“When all people are living true to their ideals, then I can rest,” she says.She doesn’t anticipate being able to rest anytime soon.If the answer is “yes,” then I say to be fearless and tell him how you feel!

She has also worked as a life coach for over 5 years and coaches for reality TV shows.

Most recently, Brooke has released a new book called "Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess" which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you think he feels the attraction you do and you tell him, just make sure not to have any expectations.

Share your feelings and allow him to choose the direction it takes.

Before enthusiastically joining the Handel Group, Laurie owned and operated In eight years, Laurie has built Handel Group® Life Coaching from “nearly non-existent” to a team of skilled coaches.

She considers herself “an angel recruiter” because she is busy looking for other people who share her mission to instill more joy and peace in the world.

As young women, you want to respect yourselves, your bodies and minds and know you are a GIFT for a guy to experience. This is a challenging situation, but one you are bound to run into at some point.

You are surely justified in feeling what you are feeling, as the outcome could go either way.

Girls, I don’t claim to know EVERYTHING about guys, but I do know what they like! We all know that campus (or, nearby campus) is a great place to find all of these!

Other than the obvious fraternity parties, I say get your sexy butts out to campus games and sports bars to watch games with pizza and burger shops with beer on tap.

Her professional and personal mission is to better the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams.