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Build instruction can be found from radeon Build How To Please check the included manual page (old version here) for configuration options. Development mailing lists are: - for the ati/radeon driver - for general Xorg development - Mesa / 3D support development.To see or submit real-world reports on the 3D acceleration performance of this driver, see the free3wiki There is an IRC channel #radeon on irc.for radeon users and developers. Please check radeon TV for information about TV out support. They can hit 35 miles an hour, but only for a few seconds.

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For more 3D information see Radeon 3D acceleration Portal.

For an alternative R500/R600/R700 driver see radeonhd.The media control bar allows you to play/pause, adjust volume, fast forward, fast backward, play next or previous directly on the Mac without picking the devices.Learn more "If you're playing a video or music on your device while mirroring, you needn't pick your device and browse to change tracks or pause/play. It's really handy and works like charm." X-Mirage looks awesome!These are the principles that have allowed us to consistently deliver high-quality websites and Mobile Applications.Our strength is our ability to understand our customer's needs.Radeon has some features not available in radeonhd and vice versa, but generally they are starting to be quite close while radeon supports all the cards and radeonhd only r5xx-r7xx. For R6xx and above there is also an ATIProprietary Driver available, which is worse in many aspects but has better 3D performance and features.