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Microsoft has issued some confirmed reports of these issues being fixed via their Xbox One Support forums[1].

The steps involve disconnecting your Xbox One console from the Internet and powering the console off manually with your finger.

There were even rumors and allegations that one PS4 glitch was due to sabotage by unpaid Foxconn interns forced to work in the assembly lines (Foxconn also makes parts for the Xbox One).

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Are you happy with the Xbox One release date so far?

In at least one reported case, a console refusing to download the update spontaneously begin work, sometimes after hours of waiting.

Microsoft's support forums are littered with posts of people claiming problems with the Xbox One update.

, the worst of the PS4 glitches were some dead on arrival Play Station 4 units that had faulty HDMI ports.

The bad news is the Xbox One error E100 is completely bricking some consoles after downloading the Xbox One day one update, which is required for most system functionality.

The system will get stuck in a loop where it keeps telling you to update but then reports there is a problem with the update.

Unfortunately, according to Microsoft’s troubleshooting page the Xbox One error E100 is fatal and not repairable at home: And, no, we didn’t misprint the title when we said the Xbox One runs Windows 8, although Microsoft hasn’t said whether the day one updates to Windows 8 are specifically causing the error E100 code.

Technically, the Xbox One runs three separate operating systems.

The main Xbox One operating system is focused on games and runs lean and mean.

But the Windows 8 OS has been stripped down and is designed to run non-gaming Win8 apps like Skype and Hulu.

And no, it doesn't involve taking your new console to a friend's house to update.