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Same on Vanessa69, the site I am using now: With a little creativity you will sure hook up.I mean: Those girls join to hook up for no strings attached dating, you just need to grab their attention.But when I paid for membership (shortest duration, im not a mug) I discovered that most of them were in London.

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Hoping to meet a few more in person over the next couple of months, will see how it goes.

Definitely recommend for the girls out there From their terms of use: 6.

is the second best site I have used after Vanessa69 This is for the ladies who are thinking of joining Xdating. But in recent months ive started shopping round and trying other hook up sites (most recently which Im really liking so far) and its helping me realise that theres no reason to stick with one site.

The Xdating site is good but could definitely be better maybe theyve got a little lazy over the years but I really cant see many changes from when I first started using the site, aside from the odd aesthetic change. There are PLENTY of hot guys and because there are so many you can find whatever floats your boat.

Its a sex site and I can personally find a guy to meet up with in a matter of a couple of hours.

But Id still like to see more new features and more positive changes, as a long-term user.Simplicity is the way to go in my humble opinion and thats why tinder is so popular, keep it as simple as possible and do as much for me as possible, thats what I want. As a woman with a high sex drive, ive been using hookup sites for a while now.I joined Xdating and have been very impressed so far.Maybe im just not a good fit for the chicks on the site, but they aint biting my bait in the way I was expecting.Scam - I live in a small town in the middle of no where and there were way too many girls listed from here - let alone attractive ones.Sure, its easy to use and its a nice looking site with a decent mobile app too, but im not having much luck in the way Ive had after a couple of months of using other sites, like hookup hangout for example.