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Fertility experts say switching to boxer shorts and wearing looser clothing will help keep the testicles cool, boosting sperm production.

Astonishing photos of Mr Beatie with a baby bump and a beard made headlines all over the world, and he appeared on chat shows explaining how he and Nancy considered themselves like any normal heterosexual family.

Loving mother: Nancy Beatie, 46, couldn't carry the couple's children as she had a hysterectomy when she was younger, but she breastfed all three babies.

I have a bachelors degree in Health Science and I can take a different certification programme.

It will be a great family business.'He said: 'It was hard moving here as we had to deal with a whole new set of people staring at us. But I can't go anywhere with Nancy and the kids without people recognising me.'He said: 'It's been the worst year of our lives.

Clearly, the mission is ongoing and the end is nowhere in sight.

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He said: 'We tried to keep up with regular orders, but we lost a lot of customers because of prejudice, and then the economy took a huge downturn.'The couple bought sperm from an anonymous donor and Mr Beatie underwent artificial insemination.

After an ectopic pregnancy which led to emergency surgery, he eventually fell pregnant with Susan in late 2007.

Beer and lager may be a particular problem because they contain plant oestrogens.

These can mimic female hormones and can trigger infertility in men.________________________________________________Drink bottled water Drinking one-and-a-half to two litres of fluid every day is vital to maintaining a healthy body, but it is important to watch exactly what you are drinking.

We have no idea what the future holds for us but we are trying to focus on each day, making sure the kids are well cared for.