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Early proposals were for Roger to fire the weapon into a garage located in an ally up the street. Joshua lobbied for firing the weapon at a building located in known Cash Flow Posse territory.The Cash Flows were a rival gang who had recently caused trouble for the IGMs and their “hood” was close in proximity.They exchanged ideas about what to do for the rest of the day.

They were solid on firing Roger’s new gun at some point that day; at what was, however, is not clear (per trial transcripts).

As evening approached, Joshua put Roger’s gun in the trunk of his red convertible and the two headed to southwest Detroit.

Once again, the main activities were listening to music, drinking, smoking marijuana and trash talking.

Hillary Rogers (IGM), Michael Cluesman (IGM), Brandon Gorski (IGM), Natalie and Joshua decided they would catch a movie at the theater in Canton later in the evening.

When Joshua arrived at the main street (Central) the car containing the GDs and Hillary pulled up behind him but did not follow him back to the duplex.

“I, in fact, was the actual shooter…” “During the shooting, I actually shot at a basement window, [where] we know no one was present.What was important was hanging out with his friends and his long-awaited date with Natalie Golem.Joshua spent most of the day in Garden City with Roger Cameron and his friends (Gangster Disciples (GDs)) listening to music, drinking, smoking marijuana and trash talking.They drove around the area for a few minutes looking for the GDs until they heard gun shots.Instinctively, the gang members ducked and Joshua stepped on the gas.Shortly after they arrived there was a knock at the door.