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More than two-thirds of the territory traditionally belonged to Afar sultanates, and the remaining southern slice was controlled by Issa nomadic herders.

Djibouti as a nation derives its identity from its strategic location and the economic importance of the port.

In 1977, it became independent after having been a protectorate and colony for more than a century.

Djibouti had no identity as a state or national unit before 1859, when the French concluded a treaty with the local Afar sultan of Obock.

It is ethnically diverse, and there are significant numbers of expatriates, including Europeans (mainly French) and Arabs (mainly Yemenis).

There is a sizable community of Ethiopians and refugees from Eritrea and Somalia.Before the colonial era, they were nomadic pastoralists and traders and were politically highly organized but had no state-forming tradition. When the French arrived, about 75 percent of the territory was inhabited by Afar nomads.The Issa had a decentralized political organization based on clan loyalty, although the ruler of Zeila, a trading center on the Somali coast, had great influence over them.It symbolizes the ideal of coexistence of the two dominant communities.The flag is a tricolor with blue, white, and green fields and a red star on the triangular white field on the left. Politics has been dominated by the complex relations between the Issa-Somali and the Afar.After the elections, a military crackdown was followed by an accommodative policy in which the FRUD was persuaded to join mainstream politics and abandon violence. Djibouti's identity as a nation is a compromise between the political and social aspirations of two communities that have created a social contract within the context of the state that allows them to maintain their independence.