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“It’s not fair on children to travel from God-knows-where to a London studio for an hour’s work,” she says. “The children love every part of the process and it’s fantastic seeing their faces when the pictures come out.” But, according to Ulla Nyman, modelling is best done in moderation.

Denise Sellers enjoyed it when Lily and Alfie were very young: “As long as it is quite relaxed, it is a fun, social thing to do, better than being stuck at home,” she says – but, for her, the cut-off point was when it began to be seen as ‘work’.

“They need to enjoy being the centre of attention,” says Denise Sellers, whose children Alfie and Lily modelled regularly before they started school. “Imagine standing still for ten to 15 minutes with everyone focused on you,” says Ulla Nyman.

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As a Model you will have full control over your account and private, secure access to messages and contacts.

Clients have the ability to contact you and arrange jobs and online interviews through our exclusive 'Live Casting' feature.

You have to be prepared to be available at short notice, usually the next day.

“You just can’t go into it half-heartedly,” says Carla Doig, who admits that juggling her offspring’s careers can, at times, be fairly demanding.

• Miranda Kerr and her model son • Ten of the best: Tips for aspiring child models • Child model agency directory If you haven’t been put off yet, the first step is to send a photograph of your child to a reputable agency.

“We are not looking for folio shots, we want to see natural,” says Janis Penn.

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It’s not unusual for agencies to receive more than 200 applications a week from parents of would-be child models – but 95 per cent get rejected by return post.

Even if your child is beautiful, he or she might not have what it takes.

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