Zach efron still dating

Nika Choker” star gushed over his relationship with her just this January. “She’s awesome.” He also said that one of the reasons why their relationship has been going so well is because they love to go on adventures together. In September of last year, Zac and Miro celebrated their first year of being a couple by posting shout-outs to each other on Twitter. Miró responded with her own sweet Twitter note, along with a photo of them together, writing, “Time flies when you’re having fun. I love you too.” Do you think Zac Efron is justified in breaking up with Sami Miro just so he can focus more on his career?

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The problem is that all of that work has him super busy. “All of this totally took a toll on his relationship with Sami,” the source explained. But probably better for Zac to be honest and call it off if he can’t be a good partner to Sami.“He was moving forward in his career and focusing everything on that and the relationship took the hit. It was him who broke things off and she is heartbroken! Hollywood Lifers – do you think Zac should put his career before Sami? As we previously told you, Zac and Sami split because his schedule was getting too hectic.“Zac is finally getting to a place in Hollywood where he wants to be,” a source told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.Oh yes, he has deleted every photo of his girlfriend Sami Miro off his Instagram deleted him from her Instagram—though she has said before that she's not one to hide things on social media.

"It kind of just comes with the territory," she told about dating Zac.

Take a look at Zac Efron’s Instagram account right now, and you’ll notice that all photos that had Sami Miro in them have been removed.

Efron also stopped following Mira on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s not exactly the stuff romance movies are made of, but it’s enough to upset her adoring boyfriend Austin.

Yes that’s right, the hottie is threatened by Zac and has asked Vanessa to stop taking his calls.

“All of this totally took a toll on his relationship with Sami,” the source explained.