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Whereas it was a common sight in the past to see Harijan women trudge long distances with mud pots delicately balanced on their heads, arms swaying nonchalantly, today they walk more self-consciously, with heavier brass pots.

It was the brilliant brain-wave of the district collector, J.

Plans are afoot to spread industrial activity to interior parts of the district.

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On 1,100 acres of land at Patancheru, new industries are coming up like Brussels sprouts.

A rural industrial estate is humming with activity at Zaheerabad.

It is therefore not surprising the Government should give special treatment to Medak in its plan projects.

The Rs 176-crore draft plan for the district is almost double the sum of what it should get on a per capita basis for the Sixth Plan, of which the state would provide Rs 85 crore and the balance would come from financial institutions.

The district has become the envy of its neighbours.

To assess the extent of the benefits derived by the people of the district from this largesse, India Today explored the backwaters of Mrs Gandhi's constituency.

The report: The annual excise auctions in Medak, Mrs Gandhi's southern parish, concluded in October, breaking all previous records and fetched Rs 520, 000 more than last year's, signifying a new kind of affluence.

And the liquor shop owners are ready to cash in on the boom.

Medak accounts for 3.4 per cent of the state's population and based on it, the district should get only Rs 47.6 crore by way of plan allocation.

Future Plans: The Medak plan is intended to serve as a model for other districts.

Another 12 industries are under various stages of implementation with an outlay of Rs 17 crore.